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Rockethub Sweep

Rockethub Sweep

This has been one of the most amazing nights of my life.  If you were to take all the excitement you've ever had on a Christmas morning and keep that intensity of elation & joy up for hour after hour, that's pretty much what this night has been like for me.  

I was down a few thousand dollars as of this morning to reach my final goal to record my Christmas album. I was thinking my campaign would be marked "unsuccessful" for all of cyber history.  

In the last hours of my RocketHub campaign, I paced the floor of my living room, the super market, the parking lot, my kitchen hoping, praying and waiting for anything to happen.  Then with my jaw to the floor I watched the donations roll in from friends, family, and fans.  $100 here.... another $20... another $11, another $250, $750 and on it went!!!  In the last 30 minutes of the campaign the final $1000 came in. These are gifts came from sacrificial love. Generosity beyond measure. I am moved. Humbled. In awe.  Praise be to our God who's unending grace made a way through these gifts.   

I pray the album will exceed expectations. I pray God's love fills every word that is sung and heard. It's His gift from start to finish.  

Thank you to everyone who gave to make this project happen!  I can't wait to see the next part of the journey unfold!