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I've been recording all week with producer/songwriter, David Browning. He came up from TN to DC to record my project. The most amazing part of recording is the journey itself. I may have an idea of how I hope a song will turn out, but as we get further into layers of the creative process, it may take an entirely different shape! That's definitely the way Made for Me happened! I wanted earthy and gutsy. We ended up with a surprising mix of gutsy, energetic pop-rock. It's so much fun and I hope you'll love it!

David's creativity blows me away.  He sees the big picture of a song and then brings it to life!  He pushes me to be the best I can be as an artist, but he does it in a totally laid back, 'take your time' way. He's super fun to hang out with and loves to eat those easter robin eggs.  That's what happens when you come to visit...I'll load you up with sweets!  I think they helped both of us get through the week with a little extra color and flavor!