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Today I got to hang out with worship leaders from across the country @SongDiscovery in the Round.  It's a songwriters conference held at Brentwood Baptist Church in Brentwood, TN. 

A fresh new duo called Sons and Daughters opened the morning with Spirit-filled worship.  We heard from the founder of Maranatha Music, Chuck Fromm. He encouraged us to write songs with the five words that are univeral to Christians in every language: Hosanna, Maranatha, Hallelujah, Abba, Amen!  He said, "Music shapes us and how we think about God. We are co-creators with God." 

Charlie Peacock, producer of the Civil Wars, then took the stage.  He said we have one purpose as songwriters, "to spur each other on to love and good deeds."  Songs give hope and "hope has caused God's people to endure great things."  One of the most profound thoughts he put out there was this; "The object of living is to form within us all that love values."  Whew!  I'm gonna think on that for a while...

Later in the day, I attended a session by Sons and Daughters on writing songs for your church community. They asked the question, "What is the greatest point of need in your church? Find out what that is and write songs that dig into God's truth to meet that need."  LOVE IT!  I am praying for songs to rise up across the nation with all of their encouragement fueling the writing!

That evening, I got to hang out with Chris August and Chris' manager for a bit.  Chris made it big last year for his song "Starry Night" and this year for "Seventy Times Seven."  Chris is a down to earth guy who loves his craft.  Pursuing this career for a while, he moved to Nashville from LA via TX and then found someone who believed in his music enough to sign him to a label.  Chris is evidently looking for wife because I caught him looking at my ring finger after cracking a joke about how he thinks I'm not lacking anything in the stage appeal area!  Sorry Chris, I'm taken.  But, I bet a lot of other girls out there would love to have you checking out their ring finger.  

On to my producer's house for some R&R.  What an amazing family he has and so welcoming to have us stay with them for the weekend!!  Thanks, DB!