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Born This Day

Born This Day

It's November 13 and my album is ready for you!  The journey of this year has been incredible for deepening my understanding of life, what it means to live on practically no sleep as a parent, and being able to continue doing what I love in the midst of it all.  I love writing music, playing music and singing for the glory of God!  It's not about me. It can never be. It's about God moving our hearts and lives closer to him through song & lyric.  I hope this new album will be that for you.  It has been for me.  I know Him more deeply because I've wrestled with the truth of the incarnation in ways I never had until writing & arranging the songs for this album. I hope you'll listen well and wrestle with the questions -- Did He really come?  Did He really come for me?   

Get the album here: Kathryn Brunner - Born This Day