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Born This Day: Inspired Artwork

Born This Day: Inspired Artwork

I am always in awe of generosity... I suppose because genuine generosity can only come from an overflow of love, passion, & inspiration!

Four amazing artists generously contributed their art work to my Christmas Project Campaign on to help me achieve my fundraising goal.  They created new works based upon the lyrics of the songs on the album.  For the campaign, donors who gave $50 and up got to choose from the 12 works of art in the art gallery (see Gallery tab in the main navigation above). These donors (who may never know how honored and blessed I am by their giving) recently chose the art prints they like the best! The art prints will be delivered to their doorstep in the next few weeks!  

As for the artists, I would LOVE for these talented women to have some extra spending money this Christmas as an unexcpected outcome of their generous contributions!  Would you consider purchasing one or more of their paintings directly from them?  

Buy Artwork by Contacting the Artists Directly:  

Joanna King:
Ginny Heidel:
Lisa Jones:
Rebecca Wood: